Technical supervision

Comprehensive quality control, prevention of illegal storage or misuse of building materials.

Технічний нагляд
  • Supervision of the process of development of construction projects and the creation of design, their compliance with SNiP (Building Codes and Regulations), TU (Technical Specifications), and other regulations.

  • Quality control of materials, metal, reinforced concrete, and other structures and their use, compliance with SNiP, TU, etc.

  • Monitoring the radiation background of the materials used.

  • Support of construction. Verification of documents (quality certificates, datasheets, etc.). Supervision of compliance with the terms of the estimate and avoidance of unreasonable increases in the cost of construction. Routine accounting and cost control in accordance with the volumes and prices of construction and finishing materials approved in the design and estimate documentation. This minimizes the extra-costs of works and materials.

  • Control of compliance with all conditions described in the technical documentation.

  • Identification, review, and assessment of hidden works that cause disruption of the construction process or problems with the proper operation of the building. Drawing up certificates, control of elimination, and further prevention of hidden works without the approval of the Customer.

  • Drawing up and checking the primary executive documents, installation diagrams of all engineering networks. Correction of documentation in case of errors or defects in the process of technical supervision of construction.

  • Monitoring of compliance with the prescriptions of the author's supervision and the customer's requirements for the quality and scope of construction materials/works.