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Technical Supervision Bureau

High-quality reliable construction

Technical Supervision Bureau

High-quality reliable construction


TOP-1 technical supervision company since 2010

About Us

The Bureau performs a full range of activities that ensure quality and timely implementation of construction and repair work.

Our company manages the construction and conducts technical supervision.

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    Managing company, technical customer, project manager - all these terms unite the functions and tasks we perform during construction: new construction, reconstruction, or repair:

    ● selecting of design and contracting company;
    ● project appraisal;
    ● obtaining of permits and approvals;
    ● checking of estimates;
    ● design solutions optimization;
    ● planning of design and construction works;
    ● organization of the construction process;
    ● technical supervision;
    ● commissioning;
    ● post-construction service.

    We have long-term experience in construction projects in Ukraine, have worked with foreign customers and large architectural companies.

    The golden resource of the Bureau are specialists with many years of experience in construction. Each civil engineer is assigned to his/her area of work:
    ● construction;
    ● finishing;
    ● electrical installation;
    ● ventilation;
    ● plumbing;
    ● low-current networks.
    The team also includes estimating engineers, design engineers.

    In practice, construction work of new facilities and reconstruction of existing ones begins without a complete project and a calculated budget. This leads to an increase in construction time and unnecessary costs. Therefore, the design stage is the most important. After all, the cost of design work will be from 0.1% to 5.0% of the total cost, and losses from correcting committed errors may reach up to 100%. Sometimes it becomes the reason for delays or complete stoppage of construction

    Clear and high-quality designs will allow you to plan the work in detail and control the process at each stage. Our engineers will give their recommendations and comments already at the stage of the technical assignment. After the approval of the projects the company's specialists participate in the designer's supervision of the construction.

    A detailed and transparent budget is prepared during project development and approved after documents are issued. The estimate is a mandatory part of the project documents. 

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    To establish technical and financial integrity, management and engineers were repeatedly subjected to polygraph tests. Such a step confirms the disinterest of specialists in choosing a contractor or making a design decision.

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    Technical supervision engineers have certificates, which allow them to work on sites of any degree of responsibility: СС1, СС2, СС3.

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    All the risks of technical supervision during construction are insured. The Bureau provides a bank guarantee up to UAH 30 000 000.

Services Provided:


Construction Support

Full management of the construction process. Control of compliance of construction work with the customer's requirements, the provisions of the design and working documentation, detection of inaccuracies and defects.


Technical Supervision

Comprehensive quality control, prevention of illegal storage or misuse of building materials.


Drawing Up and Checking Estimates

Analysis of documentation for construction materials and structures, checking costs and prices of purchased materials and ordered services.

Advantages of Cooperation with the Bureau

High-quality and timely provision of services by our specialists 

We can start with the first stage of construction or enter at any stage. All documentation is prepared on time and in accordance with current legislation. 


Reasonable prices for the Bureau's services

By spending about 0.1-5% of the total project cost, the customer gets rid of the risk of unreasonable costs for materials or their damage, and excessive fees for contractors. Save wisely.

Certified experts

Technical supervision is an active component during construction management. Our engineers are certified for dealing with objects of any complexity — СС1, СС2, СС3.


Accumulated knowledge 

Many years of experience in various types of construction: private estates, industrial plants, office and shopping, and entertainment centers, commercial real estate.

It's easy to build with us!

Leave an application and within two hours we will start creating the optimal strategy for your construction.

The Bureau works with such types of facilities:


Business centers






Shopping and entertainment centers


Residential complexes


...and there are construction errors also


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    Qualification certificates since 2010



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